How can you keep your partner interested in you?

Soon after you settle into a relationship, things become for granted. Yes, the spark that a relationship begins with keeps on decreasing and vanishing over passage of time. Hence, one must strive to keep her partner’s interest reside in you the same way as it was during your first meeting, because you don't want to be one of those people researching how to save my relationship


Ways to find out how can I keep him interested:


Show your interest in him

If you have interest in your partner, his small things and habits, only then can you expect him to have interest in you. In such a situation you do not have to think much about what extra is required because knowing about your partner and having interest in those things, is the major advantage a wife can have. Do not remain unconcerned or avoid opportunities to grab lovely time out of your busy lives.

Be understanding

This is the most powerful factor of yours that is both capable of making his interest reside in you and assure with a long life of your relationship. Being understanding is strength of any relation, more than that it makes your partner believe in you. This means in any time of problem or in happiness he is sure to share things with you. He will lay his interest in you in both the times of happiness and sadness too.

Never forget to spend a quality not quantity time together

No matter how much hectic your day has been, always try to ask about what all you have been through that day. Engage a meal together, if not that, then a sweet dish can also work. If you do not get enough time during the weekdays, then you can arrange a surprise or any other arrangement during weekends. Prefer going out rather than sitting at the home and ordering pizza because a change in atmosphere will let him gather more interest in you which is likely not to happen in the ordinary home surroundings.

Avoid being insecure

Sometimes a relation gets into the phase of doubt or incompatibility; however, you must not over react in that case. Have trust and faith in your partners love this will make him have interest in you in the times of problems too. This will make him initiate an effort to sort out things, if you show over possessiveness and negativity, you partner will fell reluctant in having discussions eventually making him loose interest in solving or fixing things out.

Accompany him

Women often thing of outings where they can do things that please them, like shopping or dinner in alone. However, if you accompany him in his business parties or outings where you can go out as a couple to be able to know each other’s work environment will make him your feel your need and presence. Furthermore, his interest will lie in you only, even while doing other activities. He won’t feel that there is anything that he cannot tell you or share about.


In other words, only your willingness can make your relationship healthy and long lasting.  If you find yourself asking "Men Want What?", there are a lot of relationship articles that are available to help you.  Also remember to never give up on true love.

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